Monday, April 04, 2005

Torn Between Two Lovers

It's kind of interesting that on a day when I'm railing against high gas prices, I'd find a non-petrol friendly article which causes me to go "WOOOOHOOOO! YEAHHHHHHHHHH!! ABOUT TIME!!!!"

Colo. Cracks Down on Left-Lane Dawdling

DENVER Apr 4, 2005 — Colorado is serious about its no-dawdling law in left lanes. Drivers who insist on staying in the passing lane are risking tickets as the State Patrol has begun enforcing a law requiring motorists to use the left lane for passing only...

Am I a bad person for cheering this initiative?

I fume when I get stuck behind inconsiderate wanker drivers in the left lane who feel it's their birthright to parallel their counterparts in the right lane, and end up clogging traffic for miles. And is it just me, or do most of these lame ass lane hogs seem to drive Grand Marquis with a "W '04" sticker on the bumper? It's situations like these when I fantasize about having my vehicle equipped with a grill mounted, 007-style rocket launcher.

Consider my huzzahs of Colorado law enforcement as an endorsement for reducing road rage. ;-)