Wednesday, March 02, 2005

When MS-GOP and Wingnut Women Collide

From: Richard Cranium
Subject: RE: your piece this evening regarding women bloggers

Did Ron or Monica or anyone on the production team of Connected Coast to Coast bother to actually read either blog associated with the women bloggers (LaShawn Barber and Robin Burk) featured on C2C this afternoon? If so, it would have been quickly clear that both of these women are among the most racist, homophobic, vitrolic bloggers (and that's not necessarily the "b" word I would have used in impolite company) on the web - which means they have a natural built in constituency.

That you played pattycake with these two examples of exceptional intolerance, who tried to pass themselves off as cookie ladies, tells me a lot about your show, its production values, and editorial content. The next time you decide to portray women political bloggers as KKK Moms, please let me know and I'll forward you a few names of token progressive women bloggers for balance.

Personal to Ron: I can not believe you let these women off the hook without a single challenge. You obviously didn't know who you were talking to. Do a little homework next time.

Personal to Monica: I'm bettin' you had a nice little chuckle with Ann Coulter after that hatchet piece.

Personal to the entire C2C team: I'm deadly serious when I say you didn't do your homework on this one, and you should do some serious soul searching. You lost at least one viewer today (and I might be the only one you had).

Best of luck without me.