Wednesday, March 30, 2005

America's Christian Terrorists, Meet Al Qaeda

Surely nobody here will be surprised that the Aryan Nations folks (we wrote about them at the beginning of this month), who clearly identify themselves as Christians, and whose leaders all claim to be Pastors of their Church, have made some noises about joining up with Al Qaeda. The Church of Jesus Christ Christian has kicked these fellows out (I won't link to Neo-Nazi sites, so please take my word for it), but they've formed their own church, The Tabernacle of the Phinehas Priesthood. It is clear they consider themselves part of the Christian Identity movement still, yet one more name for terrorist in my view. Yes, our own American Christian terrorists are trying to join up with Al Qaeda, according to CNN.

Not a peep from the usual suspects among the American Right-Wing Christian Clerics. Dobson, Sheldon, Falwell, Robertson? Nope, I'm not hearing one of them denounce these Americans who plot terrorism in the name of Jesus. Evidently Dobson, Sheldon et. al think gays are far more of a threat than those American terorists. Further, even with stiffer anti-terrorism laws, these guys aren't being harrassed by our own security forces. Evidently Homeland Security thinks these babies are more of a threat.

And I am left wondering why groups like Aryan Nations and the Christian Identity movement are given a pass by the Religious Right. I do not claim they are connected, but I wonder, given the evil they represent, why Dobson, Sheldon, et. al. do not work at least a little to warn the public against these groups.