Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Afternoon News Ticker

Several interesting stories are flashing across the screen this afternoon:

Ex-WorldCom chief Ebbers convicted of fraud: One down, many to go. Say, anyone hear from Ken Lay recently?

Democrats warn on GOP judge rule change: In a potential Senate-stopping move, Bill Frist has threatened repeatedly to take his ball and go home.

Leaders fail to form Iraq coalition gov't: Kurds - "I say autonomy" ... Shia: "We say theocracy" ... (chorus, Iyad Allawi, lead tenor: "Let's call the whole thing off")

Pentagon Mail Center Tests Positive for Anthrax: Seems like they've been chasing the anthrax mad scientist almost as long as Osama. Oh, wait. They have been. I guess Geo. Bush doesn't "think about him often", either.