Saturday, March 26, 2005

Update: Fans Helping Fans

This is the Mirolli family, helped by Fans Helping Fans with a check that enables them to take care of little Luke, there in the middle. They are Eagles fans, as you can tell. Fans Helping Fans is a grassroots charity organized on the internet and devoted to helping out other Eagles fans in emergency need.

That's the twins Leah and Logan up front, and older brother Leo is in back there, a boy completely devoted to taking care of his little brother Luke. (I swear Leo is a Stepford child, he's so helpful to Mom Kelly and Dad Leo there at the side of the picture, that you forget the kid is a teenager.)

I'll be writing a full report on the day over at Philly Future later in the day. Just a selfish comment for now. It was a wonderful time giving them the check yesterday, playing around with Logan and Leah until my back was sore from the piggyback rides. Oh, they think I did it to get the kids out of their hair for a few moments, but I was charmed by them.

Yeah, this is the culture of life, and it happens every day in this country. It's just normal folks helping each other. And it is as rewarding as anything I can imagine.