Tuesday, March 29, 2005

NEWS from Blondesense!

New T-Shirt design! I bet these sell like hotcakes. Unfortunately, there's a problem the Bush Administration has with T-Shirts, at least according to Attytood. Will links to this article at the Denver Post, where it is revealed that the Bush campaign strategy of restricting of audiences only to the faithful is being extended to taxpayer funded Social Security Bamboozlepalooza events.

The same moment the Bush Administration crows about freedom in Iraq they pull these cheap stunts. Soon they will have weeded out so much of their audiences that they'll have to have the rallies at the National Press Club with an audience entirely made up of male hookers. It appears the National Press Club is willing to provide the venue. The quality of the prostitutes is yours to figure out.

Yo, Spin'ster, do you remember giving me that T-Shirt many, many moons ago? I believe it said "Lick Bush in '88." DAMN I'm OLD!