Monday, March 28, 2005


Hey, it's great to be back to reality. It'll take me a few hours to get back into full metal snark mode, but in case you need a good laugh to make your Monday more palatable:

U.S. News and World Report - Extreme makeover, congressional style:

The changes have been gradual, but the effect is undeniable. Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Rick Santorum is working to reinvent himself as he gears up for what will be a tough 2006 re-election battle. Santorum, for a long time the Senate's most strident antiabortion advocate, was notably not the face of the GOP in the Terri Schiavo debate. And GOP sources are peddling an analysis of his recent votes that shows him to be the 'least conservative' GOP Senate leader...

Heh. Where has U.S. News and World Report been? They must have missed this and this and this, among others. In fact, a search of google news on 'santorum' and 'schiavo' yields 822 results.

It's a bit soon for revisionist history and political makeovers as a result of recent polls.