Thursday, March 03, 2005

Welcome to Another Episode of "As the Odometer Turns"


Doc noted the other day that the situation in Iraq seems to be fading into so much background noise. White noise. Hum. Or, ho-hum, depending on your POV.

125 Iraqis killed in a single bomb blast? Hell, there were 11 whole comments on that thread (below). Does it make any difference if I post the headlines from every single morning? Maybe I'll start doing that.

So, what is it that's muting the outrage anymore? I opined in the comments to Doc's original thread on the "forgotten war" that it seems like there's a threshold for daily outrage, and I pegged the AMERICAN body count at 10 per incident (or per day) before the news was any more than a crawl at the bottom of the Fox News screen. The brown folks? Shoot, they can be slaughtered by the hundreds and it doesn't register a blip on Blitzer's beard. "The last gasp", etc. etc. etc.

Or are we simply beyond our capacity for outrage?

Join us in June for another episode of "As the Odometer Turns".