Saturday, March 19, 2005

Sanitized for Your Convenience

In case you haven't noticed, the venerable journalism trade publication, Editor and Publisher, is really doing some nice work these days. It's like they've recognized a niche that's not being filled in mainstream media, and they're running with it like the wind. Props go out to E&P Senior Editor Joe Strupp, with who I exchanged a couple of nice emails during the height of Gannongate.

And who knew? Strupp does a nice job covering topics other than gay hookers in the White House press room.

Study: Media Self-Censored Some Iraq Coverage

...One of the most significant findings was 'the amount of editing that went into content after it was gathered but before it was published,' the study stated. Of those who reported from Iraq, 15% said that on one or more occasions their organizations edited material for publication and they did not believe the final version accurately represented the story.

Of those involved in war coverage who were in newsrooms and not in Iraq, 20% said material was edited for reasons other than basic style and length.

Some 42% of those polled said they were discouraged from showing photographic images of dead Americans, while 17% said they were prohibited. Journalists were also discouraged from showing pictures of hostages, according to 36% of respondents, while only 3% reported being prohibited from showing them...

Surprise, surprise.

We haven't been getting the full story from Iraq. And realize, this is "self censoring" of the stuff the military censors let it's even more watered down than it appears at first blush.

Example: do you have any idea what really happened in Fallujah, and what the place looked like in December after the razing? Nope. Why?