Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Bankruptcy - Crossing Ideological Boundaries

While doing a bit of bankruptcy bill surfing this morning, I ran into the relatively new BizzyBlog, authored by Tom Blumer. He's a (apparently conservative) CPA from Ohio. In a standard ideological discussion, he and I would be on opposite sides of the room -- a quick scan of his blogroll will confirm his political leanings. You already know mine.

What folks like Tom and I can agree on is that the dickensian bankruptcy bill which is working it's way through the House is, well, dickensian. Anyone who still needs convincing that abuses of current bankruptcy laws are but a small, small part of the problem need only read Tom's breakdown for a fairly thorough (and understandable) summary.

Consider BizzyBlog as another tool in your communications arsenal for fighting the Indentured Servitude Act of 2005.