Monday, March 28, 2005

The Log in Randall Terry's Eye

His son Jamiel is gay. On Media Matters we can also find that he raises money from the Pro-Life movement in order to afford a big home, that he declared bankruptcy to get out of the payments to Planned Parenthood due to lawsuits, etc. Most important to me is that Randall Terry has a gay son at the same time he rails against gays. Yes, this is the true face of the supposed "culture of Life," that men like Randall Terry will publicly turn against their own kids while professing to fight for life. Well, it seems to me he did so here in an article at Beliefnet, an article artfully written to appeal to the fundies while betraying his son at the same time.

But is Randall Terry anything except about making money for himself through gullible Christians? I can't see it. Here at his web site there's a link to "contributions" and also to his "bookstore." Then there's the organization he fronts, The Society for Truth and Justice, which is also plastered all over with money-making schemes.

Yup, there's a whole lotta filthy lucre going on, not just attacks on his own son, Jamiel Terry. Jamiel deserves to be heard. And you can read his story excerpted and reprinted from Out magazine here, as well as an interview for Beliefnet here. I am moved by the interview, where Jamiel, with every motive to betray and paint his father as the despicable man he is, calmly paints Randall Terry as a good, if misguided, father.

And I can only say Randall Terry does not deserve such a good son.