Friday, March 25, 2005

It's Okay To Say "I Told You So"

Really, it is.

And it's one of the powerful ways to affirm your connection to reality on the Happy Planet. It's not snotty or sassy as my mom used to say. It's not being a smarty-pants. She liked to say that too. Dad would have said it was just "getting too big for my britches". At the well-ripened age of 52 I stand before you to say they were flat out wrong. Not their fault, I suppose. They were trained to think that way, parent that way, but that particular nifty generational transmission thing failed with me, and I'm daily damned grateful about it... albeit frequently disquiet. I like that word. I'll say it again. Disquiet.

One of many cases toward my point... about the old Bush Dynasty friend, Melvin Sembler, the now US Ambassador to Italy. You remember Italy, yes? Aren't they among the "coalition"? Didn't he have to be confirmed by the US Senate for that little job? I don't recall the US media talking about good old Melvin's history. In fact I don't recall them talking about Melvin at all. But it's one of those reality-testing things we all might find ourselves doing on our journey to the kingdom of the sublimely absurd and futile. So go on now. Read it: His Own Private Abu Ghraib (By John Gorenfeld). I'll give you a few minutes. Take your time ...

Enjoy? I thought you might, in an absurd sort of way. I know I did, and I'm also liking being able to say loudly and proudly that I've been warning people about ShrubCo, and the Bush Dynasty for many years. It's felt a lot like screaming into the vacuum of deep space all along, but now I realize that the person who needed to hear me screaming was ME. As I said at the top, it is a powerful way to confirm one's grip on reality. Say it loud and proud: I told you so!

And speaking of that long, hard road on the journey to the kingdom of the sublimely absurd and futile, the man who brought Richard and I together, our barkeep, Billmon, has stepped out from behind Photoshop and timely quotations (and by describing it so, I'm not criticizing or minimizing ... just noticing, Barkeep) to say more about his own journey to Now Now Now. I think you might like it as much as I did. My Back Pages

Say it loud and proud: I told you so!
Got sunglasses? ;-)