Wednesday, March 23, 2005

We Made the News AND the Blogzome!

Many of you will recognize the logo if you've been around here a while. I'm on the Board of this small charity, and I've plugged us before. We're a bunch of Eagles fans who got together to rasie money to help Eagles Fans in need. I serve by guiding us on fundraising and PR.

This is a bit odd. ASZ is mentioned all the time on, but this is the first time they mentioned Fans Helping Fans. And amazingly, they caught some press out in the middle of the state that we hadn't caught as yet. (I thought they were waiting until Friday evening.)

At any rate, the articles both spell out this grant we're giving, but they don't show the heartbreaking pictures of little Luke. He's about a year old and sweet and cute and in need of dramatic help in order to breathe. I think I'm right to be proud that we're able to help his family rewire their house in order to allow them to bring him home.

That's the culture of life at work.