Monday, March 07, 2005

Sgrena: An Interesting Theory

We don't use the "t" word around ASZ anymore when discussing hypotheses and potential conspiracies - because nothing's far-fetched with the Bush cabal. So when an article from Watching the came to my attention, my immediate reaction was to reach for my "t" word hat.

But what the hell. I'm not going to put it on tonight. Judge for yourself. Here's a snippet to whet your appetite:

...Clearly, if Negroponte thought that Sgrena had evidence, such as film, photos, or documents, that might expose US war crimes (such a chemical warfare or mass murder in Fallujah), one can rest assured that he was not about to let her leave Iraq without a thorough search. However, because Italian troops, the press, and diplomats were waiting her arrival at the airport, an involuntary search there would have been problematic for diplomatic reasons...

The entire article is worth a read, if only because this whole incident is so clouded in mystery, non-denial denials, and a lot of the old "bullshit shuffle". Yesterday, Sgrena herself indicated that she was not at liberty to tell the entire story - yet.

This story will continue to percolate - and with the (apparently) U.S. friendly fire killing of a coalition soldier from Bulgaria on Friday, the heat will continue to be turned up on the Bush administration for answers -- answers that don't reside with the troops who pulled the trigger in either incident.