Monday, March 07, 2005

Mr. Santorum's Own Poll

Evidently Mr. Santorum recently took a poll on his web site concerning who supported personal accounts as part of a reworking of the Social Security system. Hey, go look at his site and you WON'T find the results, which are there on the left side of this post. And I suppose you can understand why you won't see those results, given what they are.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comBut you'll find the results at the site of one of his challengers, who had the foresight to make a screen capture. Chuck Pennacchio seems to get it. His staff not only had the foresight to watch how the poll at Rick Santorum's site was going (completely gives the lie to the rosey picture Santorum paints of his reception, by the way), but they have the same screen capture on their site. They also are pretty forward about connecting with Pennsylvania bloggers, and that's another good sign. Note on their front page that they've had a conference call with bloggers, and they're actively recruiting bloggers on another page, even offering the Pennacchio banner for web sites. I'm personally not interested in taking sides in this race as yet, but I'm impressed by Pennacchio's organization so far.

Of course, with a good deal less snarkiness, Attytood commented on the phenomenon of this missing poll this morning, and I thank him for his heads up on this issue. I suppose it is stretching it to expect the Daily News Reporter Will Bunch to be at all snarky on his web site, even though he represents the People Paper. Heck, I wanted a comment about how gutless Santorum is.

Santorum certainly has the chutzpuh to use public funds to home school his kids even though he didn't live in the district where he used tens of thousands of funds for that home schooling. But Santorum doesn't have the stones to give us the results of a poll from HIS VERY OWN WEB SITE! Instead, he waxes lyricxal about the wonderful reception he's getting around the state on the subject of Social Security reform. No, even that is a lie, as Santorum has been greeted by hecklers at nearly every stop on his Town-hall speaking tour, including one in Warminster, a Philly suburb. I heard also from a witness at Drexel University that Santorum was received by a raucus crowd against his proposal -- she told me the report by the Daily Pennsylvanian understated the protest a great deal. Hey, maybe the results of Santorum's own online poll tells us the truth.

Would that Rick Santorum trusted us with the truth, that his view isn't even supported by those who visit his web site.