Thursday, March 10, 2005

Oval Office Chat

Hey, even serious progressives like us need a good belly laugh now and then.

From AMERICAblog:

Bush: You want me to say something nice about Hezbollah?
Dick: That's right, Mr. President.
Bush: But I thought they were the bad guys.
Dick: They are the bad guys, Mr. President. Unfortunately, they've also been providing basic services for the Lebanese people (like water and power) and have millions of supporters there.
Bush: Maybe we should start providing those services to the Iraqis.
Dick: I'll be sure and let someone know.
Bush: So Hezbollah are good guys now?
Dick: No, but we have to deal with them.
Bush: I don't understand.
Dick: It's like Saudi Arabia -- they're our friends, aren't they?
Bush: Sure! I like them.
Dick: But they're the single biggest supporter of terrorism around the world -- much bigger than Iran or Iraq was.
Bush: Really?
Dick: Yep. And Pakistan. They're our friends but they've sold more material and know-how to build nuclear weapons to rogue governments and terrorist groups than anyone else in the world.
Bush: [sigh] Do we still hate the French?
Dick: Yes, Mr. President. We'll always hate the French.

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