Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Brownshirts on the March

From Rorschach at No Capital, without comment:

Immigrant Hunt, Part II

They're spreading like locusts, these racist fucks. First Denton, now my own Austin. They're showing up tomorrow, at UT:

Well, the YCT (Young Conservatives of Texas) are at it again. This time they've organized a so-called'Immigrant Hunt' for this Wednesday, March 2nd on theWest Mall on campus-- they have reserved the space from 11:00am-1:00pm. They recently organized a similar event at the University of North Texas and appear to be emboldened by the post-9-11 anti-immigrant climate.They plan to wear color-coded anti-immigrant shirts and 'hunt for immigrants' who will be YCT-ers dressed in brown for Latina/os, yellow for Asians, etc. and offer rewards.

A counter-demonstration is planned by a multi-ethnic coalition of student organizations in response at the same time. Folks are asking for a huge turnout, and that people wear black shirts and white bandanas if possible, and bring signs and chants-- some folks will be linking hands in silent protest, others will be vocal and hold signs and pass out flyers outlining a progressive position on immigration. Please pass this information along to all your listserves. Thanks.