Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Blogzome Auxiliarry Discussion Thread

We're going to stretch the limits of the comment box relatively soon, so I thought I'd try to kick this off.

This conversation has been going on for a while, and a decent definition of "Blogzome" can be found at Joseph's (JLo's) site www.publicorgtheory.com. Our most recent thread in discussing it is in "The Blogzome: One Proposal for Use-Value." But we've also discussed the topic in sukabi's "Rebuilding the Foundation," in my own "Rapping and Bloggrolling," and in "Org Theory and Blogging." Joseph (JLo) has a few other threads that will help people catch up with how this chaotic and interesting discussion has gone. Go ahead and ask him.

Good luck, peoples. Fire away! I'll be back later!