Wednesday, June 02, 2004

A Positive Trend

The Democratic Party is two for two this year in special elections, both in heavily GOP leaning districts:
SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - Democrats looking ahead to November got a bounce with the victory of Stephanie Herseth in a special election, marking the party's second straight congressional triumph and snatching a House seat in a heavily GOP-leaning state.

Herseth, a member of one of the state's most distinguished political families, narrowly defeated Republican Larry Diedrich in Tuesday's poll. She will immediately fill the seat of Republican Bill Janklow, who resigned his seat before he went to jail over a deadly auto accident.

Update, 9:45PM - Was watching Brit Hume on Faux a bit earlier, and he had a panel of the usual neocon suspects (didn't know Juan Williams was one of them...) and to a person they were morose over Herseth's win - not because she won, but because of the trend. All were visibly upset that in a state where they thought Tom Daschle was vulnerable, Herseth "stole" a Republican seat. All were lamenting Monkey Boy™'s slide in the polls, and the polling numbers associated with the generic question, "do you want change?".

It was also noted that the last time a party swept special congressional elections (GOP) was the year of Newt's "Contract on America". Democratic Party candidates are 2 for 2 this year (Chandler in Kentucky). The possiblity of winning back the house (now 11 seats needed) and the senate are becoming very real for the Democratic Party, and as I've noted before, starting to dawn on the RNC. Look for some of the GOP members in both houses to gain spine against Monkey Boy™ in the coming months.

Confidential to Terry McAulliffe: George Bush has handed you the opportunity of a lifetime on a silver platter. Don't blow it.