Thursday, March 10, 2005

Root of the Social Security Assault - Ideological Hostility

Robert Scheer pens an excellent column regarding the roots of the ongoing neoconservative assault on the Social Security system:

...This ideological hostility to progressive taxation and income redistributions is the real issue behind the assault on Social Security, and it deserves to be debated head-on.

Knowing that the program is far too popular to be axed completely, hyper-conservatives hatched this idea of diverting its funds into the stock market. They hate the idea of all that money flowing down the food chain instead of up -- lower- income workers get a higher rate of return on their Social Security taxes than those better off...

The other day, the Bush administration announced that the Bamboozlepalooza Tour has been extended for 60 days. They're trying to breath life back into an issue that is on life support, and who's congressional backers got an ear full from constituents back home during the recent recess.

This is no time to back off the "third rail" aspect of BushCo's covert plan to dismantle Social Security. The idiots touched it. Let 'em fry; keep the juice on.

A Zonebot hat tip to reader JoJo for the heads up!