Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Readin', Writin', 'Rithmetic & Rockets

Hey, I'm not talking rocket science here. No - real rockets - in schools - in Arizona. Bill would allow guns in schools, anywhere
PHOENIX - The House of Representatives voted Tuesday to let people carry weapons - including guns, grenades, rockets, mines and sawed-off shotguns - into schools, polling places and nuclear plants if they claim they're only trying to protect themselves.

Yeah, I never know when I'm gonna hafta break out my rockets and hand grenades for self-protection, the sales at the grocery store can be brutal!

The vote on the legislation came after Rep. Ben Miranda, D-Phoenix, pointed out it would bar prosecution of those who want to bring a weapon into the House or Senate. Despite that, lawmakers gave it preliminary approval on a 30-16 margin.

Hmmmm..... So are they also going to be sporting rockets, hand grenades, mines and sawed-off shotguns in case some of their disgruntled constituents decide to show up armed? That could be interesting, a new "Shoot out at the OK Corral".

But what's in House Bill 2666 surprised even Rep. Doug Quelland, R-Phoenix, who introduced the legislation and shepherded it through the House. He said he had no idea the legislation, crafted by constituents he wouldn't identify, was so broad that it would provide a catchall exemption in the state's weapons laws.

And that folks is why these fuckers should have to READ, UNDERSTAND and DISCUSS exactly what the legislation they are bringing and voting on and at times implementing says and what it's impact on society will be. And if the parties bringing the legislation can't or won't be identified then a second, third, and fourth look at the legislation is needed BEFORE it is passed.