Wednesday, March 09, 2005

BlogCall 2 - Brad Friedman, Clint Curtis, a Chinese Spy, a US Congressman and Vote Rigging

During today's BlogCall 2 Brad Freidman and Clint Curtis talked about the Feeney "vote-flipping" scandal. Brad has been doing an excellent job of ferreting out information and bringing attention to this story that the MSM has ignored for over 3 years. You'd think that a confirmed/convicted Chinese spy who had access to NASA and a US Representative would merit at least some coverage in the media, but sadly it's not so. You'd also think that the media would be salivating at the thought of a US Representative giving the go ahead for overbilling of a state government agency, but you'd be wrong. Here's a link to a summary of the story so far, there is still much more of this story to be uncovered.

I was able to listen to most of the re-broadcast of the call on RadioLeft this evening and it is well worth the hour spent. The first 20 minutes or so Brad discussed the vote rigging story and what has been confirmed so far, and another piece of the story was exposed during the call. It seems the Georgia police reopened the Lemme "suicide" case (Lemme was the first official from the FL Inspector General's office to investigate the charges originally made by Curtis' 2001 whistleblower complaint at the FDOT) in December after questions started to surface, but quickly reclosed the case after someone from FDOT (Florida Department of Transportation) contacted them. Anyway, the police photos taken of the scene that were said to be irretrievable due to a faulty memory card, and not included with the original report have surfaced and Brad has posted them on his blog. The photos raise some interesting questions as they contradict some of the statements made by the investigating officer in the incident report.

The rest of the hour was spent in a Q&A session with Brad and Clint answering real questions. (Note to MSM reporters - listen to the Q&A portion of the call - real questions asked and answered by real people - direct and to the point and asking for and receiving real information, not talking points and/or dissembling.)

If you are unable to hear a re-broadcast of the BlogCall at RadioLeft it will be permanently archived at the shortly.


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