Monday, December 13, 2004

Sign it "C" for Courage

My boyfriend in both seventh and eighth grade, Chip, was the child of two deaf parents. (Yes, friends, Chip... actually his name was Charles, but nobody called him that, or Chuck or Charlie. It was Chip.) So, I learned to sign way back then, or at least to finger spell... it was a long time ago. Many years later I worked with a hearing woman who was in school to become an interpreter for the deaf. I learned a few more signs then. Just this morning being a part of the "deaf world" came up in conversation at work. And just now I read this:

"One of the unlikely heroes of the Ukraine uprising is a state television sign language interpreter, who began signing on air that the telecast was lies and that she wouldn't go along with it any longer. Inspired by her actions, 200 journalists for the state-run TV and radio vowed to no longer act as the government's mouthpiece. How many bland White House assertions that the sky is green and grass is pink would it take to drive someone at Fox News to denounce the status quo like that?"

From this story by Geov Parrish: Winning in the Streets, What We Can Learn from Massive Demonstrations in the Ukraine.

Inspiration to live with courage is where you find it.