Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I've not been around much. . .

First, this is the end of the semester and I just finished submitting grades. Then there's packing for my move up north, which means weeding out those old clothes. Yes, that's sometimes a blessing.

I'll try to stay in touch a bit more during the next week, but I'll be out of touch between Christmas and New Years. Off to Madrid to see Picasso's famous Fallujah, among other sights.

Anyway, I do want to point you all to Eschaton, where Atrios is promoting a campaign of complaints to the FCC about Rush Limbaugh. Atrios first says you should find your local Limbaugh station, which I'm sure all of you know by heart. Then you send an email to fccinfo@fcc.gov. Atrios posted a transcript of what was said by Limbaugh, but I'll repeat it here:

On Monday, December 13 in the 2nd hour of his program (1pm EST) broadcast on [CALL SIGN HERE], Rush Limbaugh used the vulgar, sexual term "dick" when referring to a Miss Plastic Surgery pageant. Specifically, Limbaugh said:

"LIMBAUGH: Miss Plastic Surgery. (chuckle) And – I’d – I’d – I – I don’t – I don’t know what the winner – I – and, oh, I didn’t print out both pages, so I don’t know what the – I don’t know what the winner gets. Probably a certificate to go to San Francisco to have an add-a-dick-to-me operation."

You know, if I hadn't changed the station I would have heard it, too. I was in the car with Mom and she usually listens to WMMB 1240. I had to go spoil it by turning to the local Sportstalk radio!

Thanks to Atrios!