Thursday, December 09, 2004

On the Wisdom of Messing with Menopausal Women

Memo to Big Pharma, the FDA, and the Patriarchal Establishment:

Ellen Goodman and I are not pleased with what you seem to be trying to put over on the Women of the West. These days our young women are told they are too sexual unless they are married and breeding little soldiers for the Fatherland, and the rest of us, the "older women", are told we are not sexual enough but we can be "fixed". Sounds like the same old same old to me. We're talking a few (four? five?) thousand year same old same old. Can the veil, the women's quarters, or the 1950s and the rubber girdle be far behind? The prescription from the patriarchal establishment? Abstinence education, teaching no sex before marriage, then pregnancy... lots of pregnancies, for all the ripe young'uns, and hormones for us of the crone-ish persuasion, so we're more amenable receptacles for the holy ejaculate. Sister Crone Goodman has a few words on the subject: Testosterone for Grandma.

"BOSTON -- Let me see if I have this right. At one end of the sexual life cycle, we have pubescent teenagers so driven by biology that they can barely concentrate on physics. And what are we offering them? Abstinence.

At the other end, we have their parents and grandparents whose sex drives have gone into low gear. What are we offering them? Viagra and Intrinsa."
The men in power have not quite "gotten" that over time it's not a good idea to keep messing with women... especially menopausal women. I hope I'm alive on down the pike to remind them of it in the next twenty years. I long for women of all ages to get their "fury" up and fully engaged on this subject. It's not going to go away if we just pretend everything's fine. Young women need to read "Lysistrata", among other things, and quit thinking the time of radical feminism is past.

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As if I don't have enough to be furious about, there is all of this same old same old.