Wednesday, December 15, 2004

A Disturbing Lack of Righteous Indignation

Maybe it's just because it's Wednesday; maybe it's because of the friggin' computer problems at work today that caused my crew to fall way behind on production (and which I know we'll take the heat for anyway); maybe it's SAD; maybe it's the Christmas season. I dunno, but I'm having a really hard time working up any real righteous indignation today about BushCo's plans for the future (pre-rapture, of course).

Americans asked for whatever George Bush's cabal of thugs, liars, and thieves bring to the table in the next four years.

I'm not just talking about the 51%'ers. Many progressives asked - nay, almost begged - for whatever he's going to jam up our collective ass during his next term in office.

Bush made absolutely no secret about his plans for Social Security. He was very up front about his vision (or lack thereof) for Iraq. There was never a question that he was going to open up federal land for whatever rape and pillage his big money energy contributors could dish out. America knew that he was all about relegating women's and gay rights to class status beneath that of illegal Mexican immigrants. We were all fully aware that he didn't give a fat flying rat's ass about America's standing in the world community - because in BushWorld, only America writes the rules of engagement and diplomacy. Every news organization in the country reported on the record number of uninsured folks that were involved in faith based health care - praying that they didn't get sick or hurt and have to go to a doctor.

We (the collective we, as in the vast majority of Americans) knew this shit.

And yet the election was still close enough to be stolen by the GOP machine. But again, there was no question that fraud was going to take place - for chrissakes, how much more could MoveOn, ACT, and other organizations hammer on that issue during the runup to the election? I mean, how many times did Kenneth Blackwell's name have to be in the news prior to Nov. 2nd to understand that the fix was in?

So, when I received an email from one of our valued (and I mean that sincerely) readers asking me to listen to an interview with former Interior Secretary Bruce Babbit on the topic of the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and the nefarious plans of the oil barons (as well as current oil shenanigans in Alaska), my reaction was, "feh".

Alaskans knew the deal. And yet they voted overwhelmingly to reinstate Maximum Leader. So, guess what? Bush's oil cronies want to rape the land and kill the wildlife in Alaska? Have at it; my only request is that I get the beer concession. (But then, Halliburton probably wrapped up the no-bid contract for that one six months ago.)

One can spare only so much righteous indignation. Call it "emotional triage" if you wish. Mine seems to be stuck with the ongoing tragedy in Iraq.

My apologies in advance to the polar bears and moose (meece? mooses?).