Tuesday, December 28, 2004

A Personal Political Diagnostic

Where do you fit?

Lord knows I've taken plenty of online "tests". Most are just goofy as hell (which Simpson are you?), but I ran into one this morning that is as thought provoking as it is long. And the end result surprised me a bit.

The Political Compass analyzes responses to a variety of personal beliefs (economics, social, government), and then charts the overall results on an x-y axis. What's as interesting as the end result is seeing who you share political space with. My guess is that most regular ASZ readers would land in the same quadrant as me - economically libertarian and socially to the left.

The most eye-opening result for me was how extreme I track in both instances: -6.5 in economics, and -5.69 on the social scale, which puts me in some very august company (the Compass gives examples of public and historic figures who occupy each quadrant). I express surprise because I don't consider myself an "extremist" in any sense of the word.

Political Compass is an exercise in self-analysis, and well worth the investment of a little time. Feel free to share your results and analysis in the comments. I'll add some more of mine later.

(P.S. - on the Simpsons quiz? I'm Homer. I think my ideal gift of a cool, refreshing Duff kind of tipped the scale on that one...)