Saturday, December 18, 2004

Rummy's Rope Could be a Noose

Rummy's fall from grace may not be entirely due to his dissin' the Red State Troops, there are memos out there implicating him directly in ordering torture. From Salon (you'll need a pass):

Torture begins at the top

Dec. 17, 2004 | Renewed exposure of prisoner abuse, torture and even murder by American military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan is widening already deep divisions between the Pentagon and the intelligence community -- and creating an untenable situation for Donald Rumsfeld, the beleaguered secretary of defense. A recently disclosed FBI memo indicates that "marching orders" to abandon traditional interrogation methods came from the defense secretary himself.

Through FOIA requests the ACLU and Center for Constitutional Rights have obtained thousands of previously secret documents. The sharks smell blood and Rummy has just become chum.