Thursday, December 16, 2004

Election Theft Update:

It’s been a month and a half since we went to the polls and exercised our right to vote. Contrary to what the mainstream media is peddling, the ink shouldn’t have touched the inauguration party tickets yet. Ohio and Florida are the two prominent stinking cesspools of corruption everyone thought they would be, and the fight – though not televised – is ongoing.

You guys know I’ve been ranting and raving about this since the networks called it for the shrub late November 2nd. There were those who argued for caution when the first stories of “irregularities” emerged. “Be careful, we don’t want to get “Roved” with this”.

So we’ve been careful not to say the “F” word in conjunction with the election outcome. Yeah, we’ve said “fuck”, “fuckers”, “motherfuckers” and many variations on that theme many times since Nov. 2nd, but that isn’t the “F” word I’m talking about. No, the “F” word is FRAUD.

Fraud as defined by
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin fraud- fraus
1 a:
any act, expression, omission, or concealment calculated to deceive another to his or her disadvantage; specifically : a misrepresentation or concealment with reference to some fact material to a transaction that is made with knowledge of its falsity or in reckless disregard of its truth or falsity and with the intent to deceive another and that is reasonably relied on by the other who is injured thereby b : the affirmative defense of having acted in response to a fraud

2: the crime or tort of committing fraud {convicted of securities fraud}

Can we call it fraud now?

Election tampering added to Green, Libertarian, Kerry-Edwards civil suit

Firm accused of tampering with data left some unofficial results on public webserver

Conyers’ letter to FBI in response to allegations of Triad tampering

Ohio Recount Resembles Florida in 2000

Brad Blog Too

So where do we go from here? We keep up the pressure on the media to actually do their jobs and INVESTIGATE these stories and we support the recount efforts. After that? Well, we’ll have to see where this goes and if on Jan. 20 we still have four years of the shrub we’ll still have one battle that hasn’t changed. That battle is one for the right of every person to cast their ballot and have it counted. Paper trails are not enough, there has to be transparency, accountability and non-partiality built into our elections systems. For a nation that is supposed to be a beacon of democracy for the rest of the world our election systems are a bad joke, bought and paid for by the Republican party.