Friday, December 31, 2004

Bush is consistent with the Right-Wing Clerics

I ran across two stories that once again lead me to the belief that the radical right-wing clerics here in the US are not about compassion at all, but more about political might, if not outright hate. The first concerns a law in Arkansas that has now been overturned. Seems the folks in Arkansas, driven by the right-wing clerics here in the US, made it so that no household with a gay member could foster a child. Thankfully, our courts have overturned the measure, as there is no factual basis for its being protective of children. Nope, this wasn't an equal protection case, but hinged on the Child Welfare Safety Review Board's mission, which is to protect children, and the judge found that such a regulation did no such thing.

Meanwhile, Bill Berkowitz, in a review of US right-wing clerical organizations, finds that none seem concerned by the disaster playing out in the Indian ocean. At least their concern matches that of the President, eh? What's interesting is that most of the sites he mentions lead off with ways of increasing their political power rather than anything to do with compassion.