Thursday, December 30, 2004

Progressives Take Note

A lot of progressives (and Democrats) were very upset when John Kerry threw in the towel early on November 3rd. I think our disappointment can be linked all the way back to Al Gore capitulating to the GOP howling in 2000 - they say they want "every vote counted", but in the end it seems like they just don't want to rock the boat.


Why can't we learn? It isn't about reality, it's about perception. And now in Washington State, Dino Rossi is not just asking for (yet again) another recount, he's asking for a re-vote. His people are pulling a Ukraine right here in the good old U.S.!

And don't think this isn't a well calculated move, fully financed and blessed by the national GOP. The results won't change, and in the end there won't be another election, but that doesn't matter. Rossi is squishing sour grapes (after the GOP tried unsuccessfully to suppress votes in King County). The results of the governor's election in Washington will forever be in question.

Yes, it's an instructive political slice.

There's many a lesson to be learned here, fellow progressives...