Thursday, December 30, 2004

Bone Picking With Nick Wadhams

Mr. Nick Wadhams
Cub Reporter, Associated Press
450 W. 33rd St.
New York, NY 10001

Dear Mr. Wadhams,

Earlier today, you filed a report with Associated Press that described a potential problem with Iraqi elections going forward: no poll workers due to threats against their lives. Now, this would indeed seem to be a roadblock to conducting any sort of election.

You sought to backlight the situation thusly:

...The United States, which has said the vote must go forward, has repeatedly sought to portray recent attacks that have killed dozens of people as the acts of a reeling insurgency, not the work of a force that is gathering strength...

I wish to point out that your use of the term, "United States" is entirely in error. Recent polling indicates that in excess of 60% of the U.S. believes the entire situation in Iraq to be totally out of control, and that we've been immersed in a goddamn quagmire from which there is little hope of early escape.

It is entirely appropriate that you, and the Associated Press (apparently, a wholly owned subsidiary of BushCo, LLC) append your earlier release to strike the term "United States" and insert the term "Bush Administration".

Indeed, it's only the Bush Administration that has continually sought to portray (since, oh, about May, 2003) the "insurgency" as "reeling". As a fully vested citizen of the United States of America, I take great umbrage in your implication that I feel that any sort of sham election or vote should go forward in Iraq. Further, I believe your characterization of rebel elements in Iraq as "reeling" is flat out fucking stoopid and panders only to what I would refer to as the "idiot constituency" in America.

Please excuse my excessive reliance on quotations in the above paragraph - I use them only to emphasize the areas of total and complete bullshit that you (and the rest of the media) have continued to highlight in regurgitating press releases from the Karl Rove Ministry of Truth™.

I anticipate your correction within a fortnight.


Richard Cranium, BFD, LSMFT