Monday, September 13, 2004


Statement by Doubleday Regarding Kitty Kelley:

NEW YORK, Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- The following is a statement by Doubleday regarding Kitty Kelley:

In an appearance on the Today Show on Monday, September 13, 2004, Sharon Bush repeated a denial she made earlier last week. After telling Kitty Kelley that she had knowledge of President George W. Bush 'doing cocaine' at Camp David -- 'not once, but many times,' Mrs. Bush now denies that statement. This denial has already been utterly discredited by a third party to the meeting at which Mrs. Bush made the statements. Doubleday and Kitty Kelley, author of 'The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty,' firmly uphold the accuracy and veracity of reporting on this topic. Further, Doubleday and Ms. Kelley affirm that Mrs. Bush was read her comments on the day following the meeting in a telephone conversation, lasting over an hour, that was witnessed by Random House Vice President Peter Gethers -- that those comments included her remarks on cocaine use at Camp David -- and that she once again agreed that these comments were true. The following are undisputable facts:

  • Mrs. Bush confirmed that she was aware of cocaine use by President George W. Bush at Camp David when his father was President
  • Mrs. Bush confirmed that such usage occurred on more than one occasion
  • Mrs. Bush knew that Ms. Kelley planned on using this information in her book and was read the exact quotes that would be utilized
  • Mrs. Bush continued to have a good relationship with Kitty Kelley -- long after the meeting in April at which she confirmed the cocaine report
  • Mrs. Bush called Ms. Kelley in May, 2004 after which there was a friendly correspondence.
Additionally, Today Show host Matt Lauer and Mrs. Bush suggested that Kitty Kelley had a 'relationship' with Lou Colasuonno, a public relations executive who witnessed the April 1, 2003 lunch meeting between Kitty Kelley and Sharon Bush. Kitty Kelley had never met or spoken with Mr. Colasuonno prior to April 1, 2003. Kitty Kelley has never had and does not have any personal, social or financial relationship with Mr. Colasuonno.
Wow, right out of the box, RoveCo tried to do a smear job on Kitty Kelley. Wonder what they had on Sharon Bush? More to the point, you have to wonder who intimidated Sharon Bush?

And, where's the friggin' media on this?? These are extremely troubling accusations being leveled against the pResident of the United States! Doubleday Books and Kitty Kelley have their stories covered - how about George Bush? More to the point:

What if the same accusations were leveled against Bill Clinton 5 years ago, with this kind of backup? What would the media have been doing??

Idea! Why not ask them?

Developing...this whole book is going to be huge...

Update, 9/14/04, 11:15AM: Thanks to another astute reader for this link to yesterday's WAPO article on Kitty Kelley. Also, Buzzflash points us toward a BushCo headhunting article on Kelley at Salon.