Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Rachel Won't Make the Junior Anti-Sex League Now...

But don't take my word for it. Jesus' General has the whole scoop on Rachel Morris of Madison, Wisconsin, USofA, an eighth grader who might be looking at a few months in Room 101 for her recent behavior of conscience and conviction. Fer sure they'll take away her red Junior Anti-Sex League sash now.

Primary source here at: Madison.com

Hulkette advices parents to take their children out of institutions that advocate submission to mindless patriotism and that teach that a totalitarian end is inevitable, "so, lay back and enjoy it, baby."

Disclaimer: For all those new to the General's blog... it's satire, folks, and so excellently done that a lot of people drinking religious koolaid think it's for real. Huzzar General! And give my best to your little soldier.

And well done, Rachel. (and her supportive parents) My own daughter is 27 now, and had at your age similarly magnificent ego boundaries. Give 'em hell, honey!