Friday, September 17, 2004

Tom DeLay Should Have Reporters Following Him 24/7

He's a scandal in the making constantly.

From Juanita's Blog, which appears to be a new and small Blog that reports on politics in Tom DeLay's District, comes what looks to be a kernal of a scandal. Mr. DeLay, it seems, is receiving an award from the Boy Scouts. A fictitious Award funded by the George Foundation of Richmond, TX.

I'm betting there's some shenanigans going on here. Mr. DeLay has been involved with contorting the law concerning nonprofits in the past, certainly. So here's a little profile of the George Foundation, courtesy of their 2002 tax return, found on, an organization that facilitates research into nonprofits.

Assets: $102,150,461

Contributions: $5,556,015

Expenses: $3,681,404

That's a lot of money for expenses. In my researches in the past into foundations would lead me to expect expenses of around $100,000 for one that size. What did they spend it on?

Employee compensation to Roland C. Adamson, Executive Director, Dee S. Koch, Grant Officer, Sandra G. Thompson, Chief Financial Officer, Rocky L. Parr, Operations Manager, and Orin L. Covell, Operations Officer: $574,099. That's a huge payroll for this size of Foundation, but still not against the law. Yet.

Other Expenses, including legal fees, consulting fees, construction, etc.: $342,936. Again, by my expertise in researching nonprofits these expenses are huge.

Perhaps the mission of the foundation might help. Here it is, as found on the George Foundation Website.
Mr. and Mrs. A. P. George created The George Foundation as a "trust for religious, charitable, scientific, literary and/or educational purposes." The Georges directed the Trustees of their Foundation to administer its funds "for the use and benefit of the people of Fort Bend County, primarily, yet (the Trustees) may extend the benefits thereof to the people of other counties in the
State of Texas."

Nope, nothing there about boosting a politician's career.

IS there more elucidation in the tax documents? Well, according to them, on page 53. . .
The George Foundation will not consider grant applications for:
its participation in fundraising events
organizations without IRS tax exempt status
organizations that practice discrimination by race, color, creed, religion, gender, age or national origin
proposals which include a commitment of continuing support by the foundation
political interests of any kind

Oh, perhaps they are not so nefarious, wanting to honor Mr. DeLay with a fictitious award through the Boy Scouts, thus violating their own stated guidelines.

More Republican Shenanigans, that's for sure.