Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Mike Sez...

"Quit your fuckin' whining - get to work!"

That's Mike Moore's message in his latest posting on michaelmoore.com - that we need to absolutely ignore the premature media pronouncement of John Kerry's imminent demise, quit looking at polls, and buck the fuck up. Really. Kate's doing it (working at her local Dem headquarters), I'm doing it (working with ACT; shooting out emails to everyone I know...), and you should be, too.

Here's a bit of Mike's pep talk:

Just for me, please? Buck up. The country is almost back in our hands. Not another negative word until Nov. 3rd! Then you can bitch all you want about how you wish Kerry was still that long-haired kid who once had the courage to stand up for something. Personally, I think that kid is still inside him. Instead of the wailing and gnashing of your teeth, why not hold out a hand to him and help the inner soldier/protester come out and defeat the forces of evil we now so desperately face. Do we have any other choice?
Mike Moore handed progressives in this country a victory back in June with the release of Fahrenheit 9/11. And he pushed hard to make sure that the DVD of F9/11 made it to video in plenty of time for the election. He's done his part.

As disappointed as I get sometimes in the public perception of how the campaign to regain OUR COUNTRY has been going, I hear the same things that Mike Moore is hearing. The key thought is: the media isn't telling the real story, but people know what the real deal is anyway. We'll hold the White House stenographers in big media accountable after the election, but first we have to win the sucker.

Yesterday, John Kerry made an absolutely scintillating and Bush-scorching speech in New York. If you haven't read the text, go do it. Take a look over in the left hand column. What was a 321 / 210 Bush lead in electoral college predictions yesterday is now a much more encouraging 256 / 239 Bush advantage. That's how quick things are changing, and how absolutely whacky and volatile the polls and events driving the election process have become.

So, go. Get involved. Pre-order 10 copies of F9/11 to lend out to anyone in your circle who hasn't yet seen it. Make 100 copies of the "draft letter" below, and place them on car windshields in your neighborhood grocery store parking lot. But for Kerry's (and your) sake, do something You'll feel better about it, particularly the first time a real live human being gives you the 'thumbs up' sign from a distance, or talks to you about the issues (everyone has an opinion), or asks you where they can get more information.

43 days. It's really a short period of time, and it will go quickly. The debates are coming (even though we already know the fix is in). There's an old saying on the party circuit - "I can sleep when I'm dead". Make that your battle cry for the next 43 days.

George Bush and the American media are going to do everything possible to take your country away from you in the next 43 days. Bush will continue to spin his delusional, coke-addled view of the world. The media will continue to dutifully report and spin his delusional, coke-addled view of the world.

You, however, know what the real story is. Take heart, because so do more people than you possibly could possibly imagine.

And it scares the shit out of the neocon movement.