Thursday, September 23, 2004

Poodle on the Ropes

Lawyers say PM could be impeached over Iraq:

Parliament has the power to impeach Tony Blair over his decision to invade Iraq, lawyers acting for an all-party campaign to use the ancient right say today.

...The charge they lay against the prime minister is: 'Misleading parliament as to the basis for military action against Iraq so as to obtain from that body (and its individual members) support for the conflict which would not necessarily have been forthcoming, in contravention of the fundamental constitutional principle of ministerial accountability to parliament.'

The lawyers were responding to a report drawn up for the campaign saying that there are three grounds for impeaching the prime minister - the claims he made before the war about Iraqi weapons, his failure to tell MPs about new intelligence correcting those claims, and, that Mr Blair entered into a secret agreement with President George Bush to go to war without the consent of the cabinet, parliament, or the British people."
Just so you know, if we manage to send Dubya back to the ranch, we get a two-fer. Tony "The Poodle" Blair won't be far behind Chimpy McCokespoon.