Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Ann Richards, another of my long-time favorite women

And you know, Hulkette and I don't like just any old politician, woman or man. But from my overlook far from Texas I've liked what I've seen and heard about Ann Richards, former governor of Texas, for many years. She lost her bid for reelection to Georgie Boy, and as I remember it, their debates factored in (along with the unmentioned Bush Cabal wheeling and dealing that is).

She has some words of wisdom, bred of experience, for Kerry in the upcoming debates.

Read. You'll like.
Excerpt: "Kerry, like Richards and other Democrats who have faced Bush in past debates, probably knows too much.

"As a consequence, we see issues in less simplistic terms than the president. The president speaks in terms that are so simple on the most complex issues that it sort of leaves you with your mouth hanging open," says Richards, who was unseated by Bush 10 years ago this fall."