Thursday, September 23, 2004

More Wind and Rain Coming!

Jeanne is packing it and headed to Florida. Most of the storm tracks mean that this one is going to hit me hard again and right at home. But I've not been troubling myself more than 80% of the time with worry and evacuation plans. I have recently heard a good deal about the local battle plans here in Brevard County, FL.

Seems there are 17,000 registered Democrats who did not vote last election, and we've got 1000 volunteers. There's just one week left but we are nearly there in getting them all absentee ballot request forms and having them submitted. This get out the vote program will then expand to each volunteer contacting 25 friends and relatives to also vote absentee.

There's a lot of worry down here that this one is going to be stolen again, and there is a special issue about the voting machines where there is no more paper trail to examine. I personally believe that the Bush's will try to work through the courts to bar registrations, etc., but to actually change people's votes? My tin foil hat is not so constructed. Still, the paranoia I hear among the volunteers sometimes makes the hair stand on the back of my neck.

So, folks, if you don't hear from me for a while, take care. And lick Bush!