Saturday, September 25, 2004

The Family

I don't care what the media whores, book reviewers, or anyone else says about Kitty Kelley's expose on La Famiglia Bush, her book should be required reading for every American. Never mind that she's meticulous in documenting every iota of even her "off the record" sources - to the point that she's never been sued by any subject of her writing - the woman has a set of brass balls.

All you've heard in the media and on the talk shows is her focus on Chimpy McCokespoon's prediliction for the white lines. You haven't heard (nor has anyone disputed) the uber arrogance of the First Prick.

Did you know that until he was selected as POTUS, he'd never been to Europe and that he didn't hold a valid passport? I swear to you. This guy has one sense of the world - and it's a faux Drug Store Cowboy Texan view. Here's an example from Kelley's book:

Illustrating what was meant by "impossible,", the family friend related W's description of meeting Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia. "George said, 'I told Putin that in this country we own our own homes, and because we own them we take great pride in them.' Then he told me, 'I don't think the son of a bitch knew what the hell I was talking about.'

"I was speechless," said the friend. "George acted like Putin was the dumb hayseed know-nothing and he, George, was the man of the world. I guess it never occurred to him that Putin, former head of the KGB, had been briefed to the gills on American capitalism...It was scary listening to the President of the United States sound so damn stupid and arrogant. I was dumfounded that George had lectured the President of Russia like a first grader on the basics of home ownership in America...I've know George for many, many years, and I've watched him grow more arrogant...

"He has no humility whatsoever about being President. He really thinks he deserves the office, that it's his by merit, not default. There's no sense that he's lucky to be there and that if not for a partisan vote by the Supreme Court, he'd still be pumping iron in the governor's mansion in Austin...With each job he's gotten worse, more arrogant. Now he's unbearable." (P 618 - 619)
This is the guy that apparently 50% of the U.S. wants representing them in the world community. This is the guy that, 3 days after his coronation in 2001, allocated 1.3 BILLION unaccounted dollars for faith based initiatives - but not a dime was given to the Jewish or Muslim communities in the U.S. He was paying off his base.

And we wonder why the world hates us?