Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Philadelphia Weekly Endorses Kerry

No real surprise in this...but again...a strongly worded rebuke of Bush in endorsing Kerry:

...Bush feels free to step on people's dignity. In the case of gay people, he proposed a hollow and meanspirited amendment to the Constitution that he knew had no chance of passing. In the case of nonwhite immigrants, he stomps on civil liberties ruthlessly in the name of homeland security.

He unthinkingly mocks the values of working people. He gives tax breaks to the rich and to corporations that believe profit margins are a means to an end. To those who work for a living, he sells the lie that things are good and getting better by the moment.

He's robbed us of our empathetic character. He says little to nothing on our behalf about the genocide in Sudan or the heartbreak in Haiti or the AIDS epidemic worldwide. Instead, he raises the specter of the evildoers every chance he gets.
It's easier, it's simpler, it preys on fears.

It makes him feel big and makes us feel small...
He not only makes us feel small - he actually makes us small, every day that he continues to occupy the White House.