Saturday, September 25, 2004

In the Headlines Today...

Pentagon Releases More Bush Service Documents - how many more Friday night TANG document dumps do we get? This is the 6th or 7th time since "all documents have been released" in February that more records have mysteriously popped up. And BushCo still hasn't complied with the judge's order related to the Associated Press FOIA suit almost two weeks ago. It's time for a contempt citation (I'm feeding you guys straight lines this morning - run with it).

Web Posting Claims British Hostage Killed - for the moment, file this under 'rumor', since it's still fairly fresh. I can assure you, however, that the British government certainly did a whole lot more to try and save Mr. Bigley than has BushCo with its resolute determination not to "negotiate with terrorists". What's really disturbing is the absolute flip-flop-flip of the British and American governments earlier in the week, aided and abetted by the keystone kop performance of Iraqi officials. Left hand, meet right hand.

4 Marines Killed; Fallujah, Other Areas Erupt- just another day of tranquility in the "completely safe" provinces of Iraq. Book your 2005 spring break fling to Baghdad today! Rates have never been cheaper.

Ivan brings what Prince Bandar fails to deliver - So, Chimpy McCokespoon gazes into his Magic 8 Ball™ , asking about reelection prospects, turns the ball over, and the answer comes up "Outlook not so good". What to do about oil prices that have doubled since he took office? Flood the market from the U.S. Stratergeic (sic) Petroleum Reserve. But he said he wouldn't tap the reserve just to drive down prices...what to do, what to do...? Ivan! Yeah, that's the ticket! Open them spigots!!

Lastly, for our friends in Florida that are in the bullseye, don't take your chances with Jeanne. Stay safe. We know Patricia from Blondesense (and her hubby) have already bailed out of their previously hurricane damaged home. ASZ's own SpinDentist lives in the same basic area. This is a fair-to-middling powerful storm right now, and the 8AM NHC forecast is disturbing. Jeanne reminds me a lot of Andrew, in terms of the way she's developing (for those of you new to ASZ, I'm a bit of a weather wonk):

Guidance now suggests that upper-level winds will remain favorable
for Jeanne to strengthen until landfall. Therefore...the main
restraining factors for development are the current large eye...and
the abundant dry air surrounding the hurricane. SHIPS and the GFDL
both take Jeanne to 100 kt by landfall. Given the current
trends...the intensity forecast will go a little higher and call
for 105 kt. It would not be a surprise to see Jeanne get stronger
than that...and reaching category four status is not out of the

Ok, that's it from me for most of the daylight hours. I've got a busy Saturday planned. But while you're thinking about it, go buy your F9/11 DVD today! Remember, all affiliate proceeds are being donated to the DCCC. You know you're going to buy it anyway. Do you want to make the Walton clan richer, or do you want your purchase to work for progressive causes? To me, the choice is a no brainer.