Sunday, September 26, 2004

A Lifetime of Service

In Fahrenheit 9/11, you're given all the reasons in the world why George Bush should be shown the door in 2004.

In a new DVD release, "Going Upriver", you're given all the reasons in the world why John Kerry is so unquestionably qualified to lead this country. Here's the scoop:

Acclaimed director George Butler (Pumping Iron) takes an inside look at Senator John Kerry's tour of duty in Vietnam, his contributions to the peace movement that followed, and how those experiences came to shape his future political career. Based on the best-selling book Tour of Duty by Douglas Brinkley.
And more good news: order either one (or both) and ASZ's affiliate proceeds from your purchase are donated directly to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to fund progressive candidates in competitive districts.

Not one dime goes in the pockets of any of the ASZ bloggers - we've all got day jobs, and we do what we do here out of love for our country and frustration at what it's become. If in that process, we can motivate our readers to do something they'd do anyway (and as a bonus contribute a few bucks to candidates who share our collective values) we're happy to do so.