Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Big Fun on the Schuylkill Bayou

Well, it's certainly been a pretty good day. Earlier in the morning, I was treated to a transcript of Joe Lockhart's interview on CNN - one in which we get just a taste of what's to come in the next month or so.

Mid-morning, we get the vision of George Bush spouting bullshit to the UN General Assembly, a speech where you could hear a pin drop from a mile away. Dead. Silence. Maybe this is General Assembly protocol for State level speeches, but Chimpy McCokespoon was clearly not on his game. Perhaps because he didn't have a pre-screened audience.

A bit later in the afternoon, we get an even more mouth-watering whiff of GOP sex, lies, and videotape: could it be that GOP operatives planted the now infamous Killian memos? Who knows. But guess what? The GOP scuttled all evening appearances by their operatives on the talking head shows. I guess they had to caucus to get their story lines straight.

And as afternoon turned to evening, I had the great honor to meet with a four star group of other progressives from the Philadelphia area, at the kickoff of the Philly chapter of "Drinking Liberally". Of course, Atrios was there (no surprise since he suggested it), but I had the chance to talk with a lot of other great folks and lefty bloggers. Of note, Simbaud (of KoZ) was in town from the West Coast on business, Adam (a talkative band guy from the West Coast; Adam, hit me with your URL), Glen from A Brooklyn Bridge caught the Acela down to Philly, Susie from League of Conservation Voters, and many, many others including a contingent from the PA Joe Hoeffel campaign. A great time, and I hope a stepping off point for future liberal synergism in the tri-state (NY-NJ-PA) region. There were quite a few other people in attendance that I had the pleasure to meet, so please don't take it personally if I neglected to mention your name.

One of the union guys I was speaking with mentioned that he was at a Michael Moore shindig in the Philly area last night - and that Mike was on fire. The key message -- don't get down by what you're seeing / hearing on GOP-TV (translation - all cable news networks). The reality is that America is getting it, and that there's hope. There is a reason why Chimpy McCokespoon has answered no media questions since the RNC. There is a reason why Scott McClellan has only held two formal press briefings in the last month.

These guys are scared.

I have to toss some belated props to Digby. At the end of last week, and into the weekend, I was feeling a tad low about our prospects. But Digby made a post on Sunday that re-energized, redoubled, and refocused my own personal efforts. And after the Philly meet-and-greet tonight...

Yeah, I'm pumped.

Oh, by the way, did you do your mass email today? If not, why not do it right now! Hey, I'm here, after kicking it for 14 hours. After I was done with the Philly meet-and-greet, I papered every car windshield parked at my local town council meeting with the DRAFT LETTER.

Now, I'm a 50 year old guy, just trying to make the nut every day to pay the mortgage. But I busted my ass today to make the world a bit better place for my son and daughter, because I think four more years of BushCo ruins their future. So, what did you do today to make the world a better place for the upcoming Kerry Administration?