Thursday, September 30, 2004

And While You Were Sleeping Throug the Debate...

Thirty killed in Gaza battle:

In Israel's deepest thrust into the Gaza Strip in four years of conflict, 30 people have been killed in a single day of combat.

Among the dead are Palestinian militants, Israeli soldiers, and civilians on both sides. In the worst incident, at least seven Palestinians died when an Israeli tank fired a shell inside a crowded refugee camp.

Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, has ordered reinforcements into Gaza as part of a large-scale operation aimed at stopping Palestinian rocket attacks once and for all...
The only person who I heard begin to discuss this problem in the debate tonight was John Kerry. I truly believe that Kerry's position tends toward a Roadmap for Peace that can actually work, rather than the sham crafted by Bush-Sharon, LLC (a subsidiary of BushCo, Inc.).

I understand how volatile this topic is - but it's absolutely paramount to solving the problems in the middle east. Do I think John Kerry is much more capable of solving the problem (or at least even recognizing a problem exists) than Chimpy McCokespoon?

Do you even have to ask?