Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Branding - GOP as Yankees, DNC as Mets?

The King nails it:

But Americans (okay, Republicans) increasingly approach politics as if they were goddam sports fans. You don't change teams because the other team is better; you hate the other team because the other team is better. You root that much harder for the upset. While your side believes in good aggressive play, their side stoops to thuggery and cheap shots. (The refs, by the way, are always looking to screw you.) Bad quarterbacking and suspect coaching may (eventually) result in a new QB and a new coach, but they won't drive the fans away -- not the true fans. And when the team is on its game, oh baby. There's nothing like watching the home team run up the score on Fox every weekend. Spike that ball, Bill! Do your end-zone dance, Ann!