Wednesday, September 08, 2004

More Allegations Surfacing


"Wolf, this whole thing is about trust and truthfulness and reality. It seems as if the entire Bush administration, top to bottom, has none. Do I believe a public accusation about Laura Bush selling drugs while she was a coed at SMU? That would be a hard sell. I will not drag the First Lady's name into a campaign war of words. Ms. Kelley can defend her findings, I'm sure.

"But Wolf, what you've got here is the top people in this administration, the President and Vice President, who both have, at a minimum, multiple drunk driving convictions. And then you have Mr. Cheney hysterically claiming that terrorists will attack if John Kerry is elected. If memory serves, the last time terrorists attacked, Mr. Cheney was in the situation room at the White House. Remember, I said that George Tenet was running around Washington with his 'hair on fire' in the months prior to the attack on September 11. And the entire administration had ignored a memo titled, "Bin Laden Determined to Attack U.S.".

"Seems to me like someone was doing some serious drugs..."

-- Richard Clarke, Counter-Terrorism Expert, September 17, 2004, CNN Live.[/FANTASY SEQUENCE]

UK Independent: Bush faces pressure over drugs and draft