Wednesday, September 08, 2004

John Edwards Gets It Right

Kind of lost in the blogosphere yesterday was conversation regarding Dick Cheney's hysterical and outrageous remarks in Iowa that (paraphrasing) "electing John Kerry and John Edwards was tantamount to capitulating to terrorists, and that America would be less safe".

A response from Madeline Albright, of all people, is posted below. As I noted, Dems have to do better than that. And they have.

John Edwards Calls Cheney Remark Dishonorable:

"This statement by the vice president of the United States was intended to divide us," Edwards said. "It was calculated to divide us on an issue of safety and security for the American people. It's wrong and it's un-American...

"This statement by his vice president was not only intended to divide us. In addition to that, it was dishonorable and undignified," Edwards said. "This is a test for the president. We will see whether this president meets that test over the coming days."
Exactly right, Mr. Edwards. Exactly. This evil cabal that's ruining the country (no, that's not a typo) is as freakin' dishonorable as it gets. They dishonor the men and women who have served the country in the past. They dishonor the men and women currently serving the country in so many different ways.

But most of all, they dishonor every American by making emotionally and blatently bullshitty patronizing remarks such as Cheney made yesterday.

Don't expect anyone in the current administration to apologize for this faux pas, either. They have no honor.

But, in football terms, Cheney has certainly given the Kerry team some juicy bulletin board material.

Update, 6:35PM: From faithful reader and blogger ICD, this great link to remind us that we are (and have been) less safe with Bush and Cheney at the helm than we'd be with with Beavis and Butthead. Heh heh.