Thursday, September 02, 2004

I'm Out of There

Back in Philly and safe. Of course, it is a corollary of Murphy's law that while down there the target seemed to be me, but now the predictions of landfall are getting much better, and it looks to be 90 miles away. At least at that point I don't lose property, much of which is now in Philly. There are some good hurricane links here. . .

Surprisingly, much of Florida is not in Florida anymore. The road was packed with Florida license plates last night, and today will be worse. So, in a swing State and all along the vital I-4 corridor, those folks who aren't angry about losing power due to Charley pretty much opted out of the last two nights of convention watching.

That's why Jeb stayed away from the convention, of course. He knows assuring services is important to keeping his brother in office. Dubya did not visit Florida in the aftermath of Charley. Anyone want to take bets about whether there are some photo ops connected to Frances?