Thursday, September 02, 2004

Breslin Goodness

He noticed something the so-called mainstream media missed completely from the last couple days' growlfest in NYC. I'm adopting him as my uncle, perhaps my most favorite of all-time adopted relatives (I've previously adopted Robert Frost) ... read what my Uncle Jimmy has to say today about the missing mention of the neo-cryto-theo-pseudo-cons' best-est enemy buddy: Survey says -- He Who Shall Remain Nameless -- Osama bin Hidin: What this guy needs is a new press agent
"In three straight speeches, one by Cheney at Ellis Island and those by John McCain and Rudolph Giuliani on Monday night at the Republican convention, not once was the name of Osama bin Laden mentioned.

Giuliani barely finishes his speech on Monday night when the underground public relations men in Washington and New York receive messages that bin Laden is rankled. His name isn't mentioned once."
Love ya, Unc! Dad and Mom send their love too!